Introducing the NEW ACB Fabrication SERIES Mouthpieces

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Weight 2.00 LBS
Height 5.00 (in)
Width 5.00 (in)
Depth 5.00 (in)
Shipping $7.00

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Introducing the Austin Custom Brass Fabrication Series  Trumpet Mouthpieces
In stock!
After  hearing from many clients, educators, students, and fans of ACB  comments asking for a geat introductory mouthpiece for  folks on a budget I'm extremely proud to be able to announce the newest development in the Austin Custom Brass series of Mouthpieces,  the ACB Fabrication series.  This  is in response to overwhelming positive support for the ACB 5 Mouthpiece. 
I now have four of these models available!
The only reason I can sell these at this price is the fact that I am ordering literally hundreds of them at a time.   This way in no way is the quality comprimised to "cut corners" and save money.   These are still made here in the US with the best tolerances that you can buy!
I am offering a mouthpiece I've designed for the mass population out there.  Most of my line is totally customized for the clients.  This mouthpiece is going to be offered in silver plate, in the unique (only available in this piece) blank that optimizes resistance and projection to work wonderfully for the developing trumpeter.  Call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order! +1-781-816-9664
The mouthpiece  has the following stock configuration components:
Silver Plated
Unique  "ACB"  blank (mixing my ultra-light and Modern blanks) optimized for ideal response in conventional equipment
The ACB 1.5 is similar to my ACB 1 1/2C  but matched with a more efficient backbore, smaller throat and bore, and has a bit more efficiency and zip in the mouthpiece overall.  Great for horns  and players that have want more zip and front to their sound.
.668 diameter
medium C  Bowl cup
27 throat
featuring a custom  backbore just for this mouthpiece line
The ACB 3  is modeled after the ever popular 3C.  It's different than my 3C  as it's actually a bit bigger than my stock ACB  custom 3C. 
.656 diameter
medium C  Bowl cup
27 throat
featuring a custom  backbore just for this mouthpiece line
The ACB  5 is a unique piece and is a wonderful transition piece from the traditional  student "7C"  equivalent.  
.650 inner diameter 
medium  c/d hybrid bowl shape with blended entrance into throat  (a great efficient cup shape without it being shallow)
#26 Throat
custom medium sized backbore 
The ACB LEAD  is modeled after an old custom Giardinelli piece that I got in a horn purchase years ago.  I really loved the feel and sound but the backbore and throat were too small for me.   After digitization  and messing around with a few components I think this is a WONDERFUL  mouthpiece for the student who needs more zing, zip, carrying power, and efficiency.  It's also very easy to transition to for most "3C-type"  players.
.630 diameter
medium  shallow CV hybrid  shape  cup
27 throat
medium tight custom backbore