1925 New York Bach Mercury Trumpet restored by Mark Metzler !

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SKU MM UTPT Bach Mercury 468
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
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You will never see another example quite like this:


New York Bach  #468  Mercury Trumpet

Made by Vincent himself


from 1925 


Bach  filed for the Mercury  trademark in Aug 1925 



According to Roy Hempley this is  only the second Mercury he’s seen from this time period which makes this horn extremely rare.


Most likely a French valve block,  Looks like a Besson block to me


I am thinking this was a re-purposed  Stradivarius bell as you can see the silver solder “concealing”  the Faciebat Anno  stamping which was on the early strads of the time.




Metzler’s work included the following:



Replaced the non original finger buttons with something appropriate.


Removed the non original main slide brace.


Replaced the Amado with something appropriate.


Install missing pull knobs to match originals.


Repair receiver and lead pipe. I won't know for sure what will be involved till the patch and added ring on the receiver is removed. (as you can see it was done perfectly as Mark is a genius craftsman) 


Unsolder bell and lead pipe, re solder in proper alignment.


Seal/patch bell seam on the inside of the bell crook.


Improve previously done dent work as much as possible. 


Clean, polish and assemble, leave unlacquered (probably how it was sold originally).


I spent about $1100 in the repair work online.


The horn has a .448 bore and newly replated valves (by Metzler) 


If you have been looking for a true collectible this is it!   I would love to keep it but I have another horn  I am saving up for and my personal rule with  horns I own is that one comes in one must go out.

This horn is sold as-is and with no-returns


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